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Mother's Day Medley for Primary Kids

This is a fun little arrangement of two primary songs perfect for Mother's Day: "Love is Spoken Here" and "The Family is of God". Also hidden in the piano arrangement you can find some other hidden primary songs!

You can easily use this Mother's Day Medley in primary, or even split the learning up! Have the junior primary learn the first part of the song that includes "Love is Spoken Here" and then have the senior primary learn the section with "The Family is of God". They could all sing the last line together! Or you could do the same with a small group, split into parts so the learning is easier.

When I taught this to a small group and they learned the whole song, I did use pictures and posters to help them as they sang. :)

I had this poster from when we originally learned "The Family is of God" and it was so helpful to remind them of the key words!

Below you can also find my YouTube video of the song so that you can hear what it sounds like!

The free sheet music is here.


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